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Leo Schuster /
April 7, 2021
This Sunday we launch a new series about Simon Peter, one of the most colorful and captivating characters in the Bible. Though he’s one of the most important figures in the New Testament, the Bible seems to go out of its way to portray this “saint” with beautiful and bewildering complexity, as a man of both vibrant and fragile faith, as both a fearless and deeply flawed individual. Peter was the first to profess Jesus as the Son of God, yet he later denied even knowing him, despite his own insistence that he never would.
Claire Berger /
March 24, 2021
Tags: Lent
What tells the story of a scar? It could be a physical scar, an emotional scar, or otherwise. What has grown out of that? The open space, that gaping wound. Were you stitched back together? Who did the stitching? What shape does your face take when you think back on the story that scar holds? What grows out of that fertile space, that gaping wound?
Claire Berger /
March 20, 2021
Tags: Lent
In this wild world, sometimes it feels like we have gathered around a giant blanket, fashioned like a game you played at P.E. or camp. You know the one, the one where everyone grabs a piece of the parachute or the blanket and, moving the large fabric together, we go tossing something up in the air.