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Leo Schuster /
March 30, 2024
Because we live in the modern industrialized world, we have little appreciation for how pitch dark the ancient world could be. In the most famous sermon ever preached–the Sermon on the Mount–Jesus cast a beautiful vision for what the church could be: “The light of the world. A city on a hill” (Matthew 5:14). For those traveling during those times, darkness made it impossible for them to find their way.
Leo Schuster /
March 25, 2024
Easter is the best opportunity of the year to welcome others to City Church. In my experience, many who aren’t connected to a church are open to visiting on Easter Sunday.
Leo Schuster /
February 9, 2024
There is room for everyone at Lent. Lent can be a time for questioning, searching, seeking, and considering the possibility of belief or re-engagement in faith. This sermon series considers questions that often pose problems for faith and explores whether those same questions might turn out to be gateways to spiritual growth: Can we find meaning in suffering? How do we deal with shame? Why can’t we kick that bad habit? Why is happiness so elusive? Life is so tough–join us as we talk about how we can find and hold on to hope.
Leo Schuster /
January 21, 2024
During our worship service on Sunday I shared some exciting news. After an extensive search and prayerful consideration, our leadership has identified an outstanding property to be City Church’s long-term home. This will give us an enduring, visible, and physical presence in our city and greatly enhance our mission to bring the beauty of Christ into broken places.
Leo Schuster /
December 31, 2023
For years I have been drawn to an extended narrative in the middle of the Gospel of Mark. It begins with the partial healing of a blind man at Bethsaida and concludes with the healing of another blind man named Bartimaeus. In between these two healings Jesus returns three times to his impending suffering, death, and resurrection.
Leo Schuster /
November 28, 2023
Christmas didn’t begin in the obscurity of a manger in Bethlehem, but in the mystery of cosmic origins. Our Advent messages this year will give special attention to the perspective of the Apostle John, who had a front-row seat to the life and teaching of Jesus.