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Leo Schuster /
June 2, 2021
“If you ask me what’s the most terrifying, difficult emotion we feel as humans,” Author Brené Brown writes, “ I would say joy.” She believes this is due to the fear that stems from having our joy taken away. As we emerge from the confines of a season that’s stolen our joy, we’re all on the hunt to rediscover it.
Clint Wilson /
May 25, 2021
We hope you will join us for the final “City Night” of the 2020–21 ministry year. Over the past few months, our “City Nights” have featured Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene and Tish Harrison Warren, both of whom generated thought-provoking conversations and remarkable insights. Our final speaker will be James K. A. Smith, professor of philosophy at Calvin University whose award-winning books, articles, and public addresses have had a profound impact on Christian thought over the past fifteen years.