City Church /
February 11, 2021
FIND CURRENT ORDER OF SERVICE HERE City Church is excited to announce we will be having in-person, Sunday morning services at Axelrad at 10:30 a. m. If you have been to Axelrad, you know this outdoor venue with picnic tables spread out in the beer garden is not only COVID-era compatible, but is also a great place to regather and experience […]
Leo Schuster /
August 3, 2017
City Church launched in August 2015 with a dream to renew Houston by bringing beauty into broken places. As a central Houston church where all are welcome, we want to be a safe place for everyone to explore the possibility of faith and the implications of it in their life. Questions of belief and unbelief are […]
Valerie Tompson /
August 2, 2017
Years ago my husband and I heard a memorable sermon illustration about giving. The pastor talked about how a wealthy congregant came to him and said, “Do you have any idea how much money I make? How could I possibly give 10 percent away?” To which the pastor, replied, “Let’s pray together that God will […]
City Church /
July 21, 2017
Tags: Serving
  There are pockets of brokenness all over our world, but there are also people painting pictures of beauty in these broken places.  Our global mission partner, International Justice Mission, works to protect the poor from violence and partners with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors and strengthen justice systems […]
City Church /
June 27, 2017
Tags: Work
When I was a kid I loved two things – drawing and playing baseball. When I was about 14 (and basically clueless), I was completely pre-occupied with comic books and television. My dad, knowing my strengths (and that my baseball career would top out on the Bellaire High School baseball team), said I should consider […]