Leo Schuster /
November 22, 2021
Advent doesn’t begin on Christmas with the birth of Jesus. As a season of anticipation, it looks forward to the coming of the Lord in both his first and second advents. This year we’ll explore his coming through the prophetic imagination of Isaiah in the Old Testament.
Clint Wilson /
November 10, 2021
The American poet A. R. Ammons once wrote a poem called “Identity,” which he wrote after observing the wonder and complexity of a spider weaving a web. In that fragile—yet paradoxically strong—creation he finds a great truth of our life, specifically the way we work to bring order into the disorder of our world. Against the chaos and complications facing all of us in the dark forests of this life, we work at the delicate process of creating our home, our place in the world.
City Church /
August 14, 2015
 “Leo Schuster did a remarkable job for us here in New York City, establishing one of the three main congregations that will be the foundation of a new, multiplying network of Redeemer churches in the future. Leo is an unusually gifted and skillful pastoral leader, and I believe that his time here in Manhattan has […]