Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

by Leo Schuster, Lead Pastor at City Church

Welcome to 2022! A new year brings excitement and thoughts of new beginnings, and it’s exciting to think about how the Lord will work at City Church this year. But new years can also feel overwhelming or isolating, particularly as we begin another year in a pandemic. However you are feeling, know that at City Church, we want to be in community with you and meet you where you are.

This January, we will be continuing our series on the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll discuss many relevant topics, including anxiety, prayer, purpose in life, and the golden rule. Regarded by many as the greatest sermon ever delivered, the Sermon on the Mount showcases Jesus’ countercultural vision. His words remain timeless and the new way of being human described, even in 2022, is both refreshing and leads to flourishing.

Please let our staff know if we can help you get more connected with City Church this January. If you are not in a small group, I encourage you to take this month as a time to try some out. I am excited about what we have planned for our kids and youth ministry. Our new children’s director, Chelsey Omoregie, would love to get together with any families, and our City Youth program kicks off January 9 with lunch and ice skating after church.

I look forward to continuing our mission of bringing the beauty of the gospel into broken places in 2022 and am honored to continue to serve as City Church’s lead pastor.

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