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At City Church, we desire to serve with others who are already renewing Houston with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have established relationships with local and international mission partners because we believe they paint beautiful pictures of grace in deep pockets of brokenness.

City Church

Mercy Justice Team

About The Team

This team is made up of City Church volunteers acting as liaisons to each mission partner. The team seeks to meet the needs of others in our community by regularly volunteering with one of our mission partners and determining the most effective way to assist them. To sign up for this team, email

City Church

Mission Partners

To learn more or get connected, email or call specific contact listed or send an email to

Local Mission Partners

Agape Development

Transforming our neighborhood by preparing Christ-following, independent, community leaders.

The Forge

Equips participants to embrace Christ-centered responsibilities as servant-leaders in their families, schools, churches, and beyond.

The Landing

Drop-in center for human trafficked or victims of the commercial sex trade who desire a safe, comfortable place of rest where they can be cared for, nurtured, and encouraged in a respecting environment.

Work Faith

Christ-centered organization that exists to encourage disadvantaged job seekers in their hope for a better future, and to equip them with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead healthy, productive, and spiritually rich lives.

Restoring Justice

Provides excellent legal, social, and spiritual service to people accused of crimes who cannot afford to hire attorneys themselves.

Small Steps Nurturing Center

Provides an exemplary early childhood program to instill and foster social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of economically at-risk children and their families.

Houston Responds

Houston Responds exists to unite, empower, and mobilize churches across Greater Houston to expedite long-term recovery, respond to community crises, and prepare for future disasters.


Casa El Buen Samaritano

Casa El Buen Samaritano shares the love of Jesus Christ while providing whole-person — body, soul, spirit — healthcare to the low-income, the uninsured, and uninsurable population in our community.

National and Global Mission Partners

International Justice Mission

Partnering with local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty.


Serves college students by providing teaching, worship, fellowship, and Bible studies equipping them for a lifetime of service. 

Bridges International

Exists to serve and mobilize the international student population in the USA and abroad.