Transition Plan Spring 2021

Transition Plan Spring 2021

Leo Schuster

We are so grateful for Linc’s six years of exceptional service among us. Through the Lord’s providence, several members of our staff team are in a position to cover his responsibilities. Ayo Omopariola, City Church’s pastoral resident who pastored a church several years ago, will be our pastoral liaison for our local mission partners, our diaconate, and our prayer team. Clint Wilson, City Church’s pastoral intern who has led our Montrose City Group for three years, will be overseeing our small groups through the end of the semester. And, if you have a prayer request or any need you would like to let us know about please contact Elise Mueller, my Executive Assistant. I am looking forward to seeing where God is taking City Church in 2021 and thankful for our dedicated staff who continue to give their time to bring the beauty of Christ into broken places.

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