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The Eyes of Faith Series 

by Leo Schuster • Lead Pastor

This Sunday, January 7, we kick off the new year with a new series: The Eyes of Faith. 

For years I have been drawn to an extended narrative in the middle of the Gospel of Mark. It begins with the partial healing of a blind man at Bethsaida and concludes with the healing of another blind man named Bartimaeus. In between these two healings Jesus returns three times to his impending suffering, death, and resurrection. Though he’s clear where his journey is headed, his closest friends and followers are surprisingly ignorant to these realities that are central to Jesus’ mission and what it means to follow him. The healings of the two blind men seem to allude to the disciples’ spiritual blindness and invite us to consider our own spiritual vision. 

Why should we care about spiritual vision? Mark will tell us that it’s only through the eyes of faith that we’re able to discover the truly great life. 

I’d like to ask a favor of you. I’ve found the new year to be a time when many people are open to visiting a church–they just need to be invited. Would you take a moment and ask someone to join you this Sunday? 


Leo Schuster
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