Summer Sermon Series “Rediscovering Joy”

Summer Sermon Series “Rediscovering Joy”

Leo Schuster

“If you ask me what’s the most terrifying, difficult emotion we feel as humans,” Author Brené Brown writes, “ I would say joy.” She believes this is due to the fear that stems from having our joy taken away. As we emerge from the confines of a season that’s stolen our joy, we’re all on the hunt to rediscover it. 

There’s perhaps no better place in the scripture to learn about joy than the New Testament book of Philipppians. Each Sunday this summer we’ll reflect on this letter in a series called “Rediscovering Joy.” The Apostle Paul founded a church in Philippi–the first in Europe–but hadn’t seen his friends there in a number of years. Now imprisoned for his faith, Paul received word they were facing a crisis that had stolen their joy. His ancient counsel to them is exactly what we need to grasp in order to face this modern moment. 

The launch of this series on June 6 also coincides with our first Sunday back at the House of Blues. While our services will continue to be streamed live, we hope you will feel comfortable joining us in person and inviting others as well. 

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