Prayers of the Community

Your Grace Abounds

by City Church

Prayer from Blake Thomas

God, you are good. People and situations are constantly changing; there are times when everything is good, and times where it seems like our worlds are falling apart, but you remain the same. Your kindness never ceases.  Your grace abounds. Your love is everlasting. Your goodness is immeasurable.  Who are we that you, the almighty God, are mindful of us? God, thank you for your great love for us – a love that isn’t distant, but is deeply engaged with the intimacy of a dear friend. You have exemplified for us what it means to be a friend, so help us to follow in your example as we build friendships here at City Church, but also as we befriend those whom might normally be considered the least important or worthy in our society. Help us to remember that although we were undeserving of your love, you offered it to us anyways, regardless of our constant failures.  God, we are grateful that you chose to call us friends even when we were enemies of the Gospel.  Help us to show our gratefulness through our intentionality in loving the undeserving in our city, remembering that we too are just undeserving of your love.  Help us to represent Christ well in this way, as his hands and feet in the city of Houston.  As we transition into a time of giving, I ask that you instill in us generous hearts so that we may experience the richness that is found in giving. Amen.