Prayers of the Community

Thank You for the Beautiful Community That is Our City of Houston

by City Church

Stuart and Jamie Herndon

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the beautiful community that is our city of Houston; for the people, cultures, and perspectives that collide here in a glorious display of your imagination and creation. At the same time, we recognize that we often let our differences create conflict rather than unity and fear rather than awe. Please, bring peace and understanding to the conflicts of our times; in Houston, our country, and across the globe.  Give us your love for those whom we do not see eye to eye with and a desire to find common ground rather than conflict so that Your church would be a beacon of hope and encouragement for all.

Lord, use us to minister to and love those in our lives who are in pain, are lost, or are seeking you and encourage us in those moments you provide to speak boldly for You. Provide us the same courage, compassion, and commitment to relationship that caused You to send us Your only Son as a sacrifice for us all.

Lord, we pray for those in our church body who are struggling. We ask that you comfort, encourage, and sustain them. Bring friends to them who can provide for their needs and show them that they are not alone.

Finally, we thank you for this beautiful space in which we can worship and for the numerous volunteers and staff behind the scenes who transform House of Blues each week. It is such a gift to us all. Help us to take their gift to heart, acknowledge the abundance of blessings You provide in our lives, and respond generously knowing all we have is Yours. Amen.