Prayers of Confession

Litany of Friendship

by City Church

Leader: Father, we praise you for the gift of knowing and loving you.

All: Give us the grace now to overcome our doubts and distractions and engage authentically with you.

(silent prayer)  

Leader: While we were made to devote our lives to you and find our greatest happiness in you, we confess that our hearts often wander away from you.  

All: Forgive us for trying to find our satisfaction apart from you in places like our career, various causes, material possessions and recreation.

(silent prayer)

Leader: Though a true friend loves at all times, we confess we have not been there for others as we should.  

All: Help us to lean against isolation and pursue others as a faithful and reliable friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister.

(silent prayer)

Leader: We pray for all those in our city who suffer from injustice, poverty, and oppression.

All: Help us at City Church to befriend the friendless and serve those at risk, that through us you might bring beauty into their brokenness.

(silent prayer)

Leader: Help us to see our work as a calling you have given us to love and serve you.               

All: Use our work, O Lord, to build culture and care for others through us.

(silent prayer)

Leader: Have compassion on our friends who suffer from illness, grief, or trouble.

All: Deliver them from their distress and give them your peace.              

(silent prayer)

Leader: We pray for our friends who are distant from you, especially those who struggle with shame.           

All: Open all of our hearts that we might discover the joy of knowing you, our loving Savior and Friend of sinners.

(silent prayer)