Prayers of the Community

Hurting and broken for our city


Father, we come before you, hurting and broken for our city.

We pray for all those who have suffered loss as a result of Harvey - loss of life, loss of loved ones, loss of property. We continue to pray for the safety of those who remain at risk and who continue to recover - protect them, provide for them, restore them in every way.

We especially pray for the poor in our city, who may find recovery even more difficult due to lack of resources. We pray that they would find comfort in you and that your church would effectively be the hands and feet of Christ to those who need it most among us.

We give you thanks for those who’ve given themselves sacrificially to care for those impacted by Harvey, including over 200 people who have volunteered over the last few weeks in our City Church family.  We pray that you would continue to work through our local ministry parters as they seek to serve and minister to victims and families.

For those who have been affected and those who have worked tirelessly to help them, we pray for an abundance of rest and for mental health as we continue to process what has happened. May your spirit be ever-present in providing strength, healing and rejuvenation to those who are weary.

Give us wisdom and strength to know how most effectively to serve and love the city of Houston. Give us eyes to see how you are continually working among us and through us. May your beauty shine bright where there is brokenness. Restore us, oh God. In your son Jesus’ name we pray, amen.