New Series Starts Sunday: The Gospel According to David

New Series Starts Sunday: The Gospel According to David

by Leo Schuster, Lead Pastor at City Church

David was a towering figure, one of the most famous individuals in history. More biblical space is devoted to this lowly shepherd boy turned powerful king than any other figure. He was a fierce warrior, masterful musician, generous foe, faithful friend, and passionate lover. No Old Testament figure is linked so closely to Jesus as David. It may come as a surprise, therefore, that the Bible doesn’t gloss over David’s failures and shortcomings—and there were many. While the gospel–the good news of God’s grace to us in Christ–is evident throughout his story, it’s especially through David’s flaws and failings that it is showcased. In those moments, dependent as he was on God’s mercy, we find him pointing mysteriously across the centuries to a far-greater King, whom the New Testament introduces as the Son of David, born in the city of David. Join us and invite others as we launch into this fascinating fall series and discover the riches of God’s grace in the gospel.


Leo Schuster
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