Light of the World | Part II

Light of the World | Part II

This Sunday we launch Part II of our series Light of the World, an extended study on one of the most memorable, beloved, and stirring sections in all the Bible. Regarded by many as the greatest sermon ever delivered, the Sermon on the Mount showcases Jesus’ countercultural vision for a new way of being human–one that leads to flourishing and the discovery of happiness. Austrian psychiatrist and holocaust survivor Victor Frankl argued that modern culture’s obsession with being happy is misguided. “Happiness,” he concluded, “cannot be pursued; it must ensue.” It is a byproduct, in other words, of something else. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus teaches us what that something else is. He imagines a people of uncommon humility, far more concerned with inner qualities of spiritual character than outward measures of success like achievement, beauty, popularity, and power. A refreshing presence to be around, these unusual people make others feel safe and hopeful. They are like an unexpected light stumbled upon by someone in pitch darkness. Join us this Sunday and invite others as we begin to consider this captivating approach to life.

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