Winter Events

Gather with City Church this Winter

At City Church, we strive to offer events that have broad appeal to both those in our midst and others in Houston. We hope that you will not only make time to check out some of these events, but will also invite others! Throughout the year, be on the lookout for other events such as service opportunities, new member classes, and more!

Event Schedule

January 14 – Gather

Gather events are churchwide, low-key socials that bring our church community and staff together for picnics, happy hours, or other celebrations of life at City Church. See details.

January 22 – Sunday Study

Sunday Studies are churchwide lunches that address significant touchstones in the life of faith. Think “Sunday School” but with more discussion and free food! See details. 

February 3 – Morning for Moms

Join us for coffee, snacks, and a conversation on the ups and downs of motherhood. Childcare is provided. See details. 

February 10 – City Nights

City Nights is our speaker series, co-sponsored by the Space City Fellows Program and featuring visiting and local voices on topics of faith, culture, and theology. See details. 

February 12 – City Kids Lunch

Families with children infant – 5th grade are invited to a lunch and craft. See details. 

February 22 – Ash Wednesday 

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Join us for this special service of renewal. See details. 

March 5 – Sacraments Seminar

The Seminar Series explores ways of integrating the sacred and secular, asking questions about friendship, marriage, family, work, and much more. Event details to come. 

March 23 – Arts Alliance

City Church Arts Alliance events showcase a wide range of Houston-based artists, each seasonal gathering centered on different genres, themes, and styles of art. See details. 

Find all City Kids & City Youth activities on our events page.