Welcome Ayo Omopariola
January 30, 2020

Welcome Ayo Omopariola

I hope that you have had the chance to meet Ayo Omopariola, our new Pastoral Resident. Ayo and his family have been a part of City Church for two years now, and we are excited that Ayo joined the City Church staff at the beginning of 2020 in a part-time role.

Ayo works as a chemist but is contemplating vocational ministry. He already has significant ministry experience and is about to finish his seminary training. In his new role at City Church, Ayo will preach several times a year and do other pastoral work, including helping in the area of community.

Ayo has been married to Amaechi for several years and they have two children, Ezra and Simeon. Ayo recently shared some very insightful thoughts on marriage that I encourage you to read.

If you have not met Ayo and Amaechi, I hope you will seek them out one Sunday soon.

You can read more about Ayo here.