Thoughts from Launch Sunday

Thoughts from Launch Sunday

by Leo Schuster

“What just happened?” That’s what my wife, Ellen, and I kept saying to one another after Sunday’s launch of City Church. We know it’s going to take time for us to fully process what it all means, but for now we are simply stunned and in awe.

The turnout, which exceeded even our wildest expectations, was overwhelming and humbling. The celebratory spirit, fueled by the phenomenal music led by our Worship Arts Director, Josh Moore, was truly incredible.

We are profoundly grateful to all who partnered with us to see this day realized! It was the culmination of a great deal of prayer, time, energy, resources and social media love by many people over the last eight months.

Now what? With one service behind us, we know the real work of ministry has just begun. If you attended this past Sunday, we’re eager to hear feedback so we can make necessary adjustments to best serve all those who will be attending. One thing is clear: we need more volunteers, so please join in the fun!

Each Sunday this fall is part of launch season at City Church. I hope each of you join us and make a habit of bringing others with you. We’ve got great things planned, and it’s going to be awesome to see what God does in the weeks to come.