The "Business" of Church

This September will mark thirteen years since I started in the church “business.” I had a background in accounting, so many years ago when a part-time financial position was open at our church, it seemed like a great fit for me while our children were young. Not only did I have no idea that I would end up working at a church long term, I also had no idea what God would show me along the way.

At the end of the day the church is uniquely God’s work, but it still has revenues, expenses, payroll, and must plan ahead like any other business. Keeping eternal focus and knowing that God ultimately determines the course of his church presents a challenge when there are many responsibilities for the day to day details.

One of the responsibilities I have had since I started working at a church is to keep track of all giving. This has been for me both an encouragement and a big challenge. Giving is ultimately a matter of the heart between the creator and created. I also believe there are sound biblical principles that when we digest them, can free us from being a slave to money: remembering that absolutely all we have comes from God, knowing that he deserves our first fruits and our best, and realizing that we are only giving back to him what is ultimately his.  

As I have watched giving patterns over the years, there is much I have found encouraging, like when a large gift comes from an unexpected place or I see extraordinary generosity that seems beyond what someone’s life looks like on the outside. But there are times where in my human inability to see all, I get discouraged.

Last year at City Church about 25 percent of our congregation gave 80 percent of the budget. While every gift matters and I am encouraged that most of our families gave something, I do wonder if many of us have more we could give. If City Church is your spiritual home, I challenge each one of us, my family included, to consider our resources. None of us will steward our resources perfectly on this side of eternity, but I pray that we can each make strides toward participating in Christ’s work in our city by giving back what is already his. 

Thank you so much for generously supporting the mission and ministry of City Church. If you have any questions or would like to set up regular giving or visit further, please email me. Click here for a financial update.



Valerie Tompson

About the Author

Valerie Tompson

Valerie Tompson is the Executive Director at City Church where she oversees all ministry areas, as well as the operations and finances of the church. She grew up in Houston and attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia where she majored in business administration and accounting. She has worked in church finance and administration for fourteen years, previously holding a similar role at Christ the King Presbyterian Church. Her husband, Matt, is a physician, and they have three children: Mary Shannon, Rachel, and Will.