Tenacious Love | New Sermon Series

Tenacious Love | New Sermon Series

by Leo Schuster | Lead Pastor at City Church

This Sunday we launch a new series to begin the season of Lent at City Church.

Lent is designed to help us grow spiritually and prepare for Easter. There's a sense in which Lent should launch us into Easter and the new day of hope we enjoy as followers of Christ. What makes for a productive Lent? Carving out time to hold up Scripture as a mirror to our heart and mustering the courage to let the Holy Spirit speak candidly to us. This inventory-intake process encourages our souls to be honest with respect to our life mission to love God, love others, and love the city. This is exactly what we see in the ancient Hebrew prophets: they hold up the mirror of God's law to God's people.

Each Sunday in Lent we'll consider a different Minor Prophet to help us bring this ancient practice into our modern lives. The designation "minor" refers to the length of the books rather than their significance. Though on the shorter end by comparison to books like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, their messages are strong—Major Pleas from Minor Prophets. There's a sense of urgency in these prophetic pleas. Their often sobering tone, however, is always cast within the framework of God's extravagant, tenacious love, prefigured in their imagination but fully realized in Jesus.

Nowhere do we see this more vividly than in this Sunday's message from the first Minor Prophet. Hosea casts a compelling vision for all the Minor Prophets: God's unrelenting love will not stop pursuing his people. It's this kind of love we all long for and desperately need. It has the power to conquer our wayward hearts and cause us to fall more deeply in love with the Lord.

Please join us and invite others to join you this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Thank you so much!