October 03, 2018

Sunday, October 7th



Nursery (walkers + 2s & 3s) – The Jesus Storybook Bible

  • Lesson: The Present
  • Scripture: The story of Abraham and Isaac, from Genesis 22
  • Christ Connection: In this story God made some special promises to Abraham. God promised to give Abraham a very big family and promised that he would rescue his people through Abraham’s family. God gave Abraham and Sarah a baby, even though they were too old to have a baby. And one day, God sent another baby, and this baby was one of Abraham’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children, and he would be called the Promised One, the Rescuer.
  • A Verse from the Story to Learn at Home: Genesis 15:6 - Abraham believed the LORD.
  • Next Week: The Girl No One Wanted - The story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, from Genesis 29–30


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Pre-K – 3rd- Dig In: Discipleship 

  • Lesson: God Sends Manna and Quail
  • Scripture: Exodus 16:1-35
  • Main Point: God is loyal, so we are loyal.
  • Discussion: While the Israelites wander in the desert, they need food. They complain about how hungry they are and wish they’d never left Egypt. But God is loyal, even though they’re not loyal in trusting him. He sends them food from the sky—manna (a mysterious bread-like substance) and quail.
  • Christ Connection: In the New Testament, Jesus said that He is the Bread of life. (John 6:31-35) God provided manna from heaven for His people’s physical hunger, and later He provided His Son, Jesus, for our spiritual hunger. The Israelites needed bread to live for a little while, but whoever has Jesus will live forever!
  • Next Week: Moses Sees God’s Holiness - Exodus 33–34



4th-5th– The Gospel Project for Preteens

  • Lesson: Abraham and Isaac
  • Scripture: Genesis 22
  • Main Point: Abraham trusted God even when he did not understand God’s plan.
  • Christ Connection: Abraham showed his love for God by being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. God provided a ram instead. This is how God showed His love for us: He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross so that we could have eternal life through Him.
  • Questions:
    • Why did God test Abraham?
    • How did God provide for Abraham? How did He provide for us?
    • How did Abraham show that he had faith in God?
    • Why do you think God sometimes tests us or asks us to do hard things?
    • God provided a ram as a substitute for Isaac. How did God provide a substitute for us?
  • Next Week: Isaac and Rebekah - Genesis 24
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