October 18, 2018

Sunday, October 21st


Nursery (walkers + 2s & 3s) – The Jesus Storybook Bible

  • Lesson: The Forgiving Prince
  • Scripture: Joseph and his brothers, from Genesis 37–50
  • Christ Connection: Even though people intended bad things to happen to Joseph and Jesus — and bad things did happen — God intended good things to happen — and good things did happen. God is always in control. Joseph was left for dead by his brothers, but later Joseph rescued them—as God had planned. Jesus was killed by those he came to save, but his death provided a rescue for them—as God had planned.
  • A Verse from the Story to Learn at Home: Genesis 50:20 - You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.
  • Next Week: God to the Rescue - Moses and the Great Escape from Egypt, from Exodus 3–13

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Pre-K – 3rd- Dig In: Discipleship

  • Lesson: God Makes the Sun Stand Still
  • Scripture: Joshua 10:1-15
  • Main Point: God is our defender, so defend others.
  • Discussion: Joshua leads a small, weak army of Israelites into battle against five unified armies. The Israelites are fighting to defend another population, the Gibeonites. In turn, God defends the Israelites, sending their enemies into a panic and causing the sun to stand still so they have time to defeat their enemies. God is our defender, too.
  • Christ Connection: God fought for His people and led them into the Promised Land. Just as the Lord defeated the enemies of the Israelites, Jesus defeats His enemies and leads believers into the promised land of eternity.
  • Next Week: God Speaks to Samuel - 1 Samuel 3


4th-5th– The Gospel Project for Preteens

  • Lesson: God’s Promise to Isaac
  • Scripture: Genesis 25–26
  • Main Point: God’s covenant with Abraham continued with Isaac’s family.
  • Christ Connection: God’s covenant with Abraham continued to the next generation. Esau sold his birthright, giving Jacob the right to the wonderful blessings God promised to his father Abraham. Through Jacob’s family, God would send the promised Savior to bring blessing and salvation to the world.
  • Questions:
    • Why did Esau give up his birthright?
    • How did God show that He was still in control?
    • Why do you think God sometimes does things in ways that don’t make sense to us?
    • What do you know about God that helps you trust Him?
    • What might cause someone to doubt God’s promises?
    • What happens when we fail to obey God?
    • Does our disobedience ruin God’s plan?
    • How do you feel knowing that God uses imperfect and undeserving people to accomplish His plan?
  • Next Week: Jacob and Esau - Genesis 27–28
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