March 14, 2018

Sunday, March 18th: Paul's Second Journey


Dear Parents,

Paul was back at the church of Antioch in Syria. The church had sent out Paul and Barnabas to preach the gospel to Jews and Gentiles in places like Lystra and Derbe. Then they returned to the church of Antioch. Some time passed, and Paul wanted to return to some of the cities he visited on his first journey to see how the new believers were doing.

Silas accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey. The pair traveled through Syria and Cilicia, encouraging believers and strengthening churches. The number of believers in the churches increased daily.

The Lord called Paul and Silas to go to Macedonia, so they obeyed. Two major events happened while Paul was in Macedonia. First, a woman named Lydia became a believer. Paul and Silas had gone to the river to pray. They spoke to the women at the river. God opened Lydia’s heart to the good news of the gospel.

Then, a jailer became a believer. This happened when Paul and Silas were thrown into prison after Paul commanded a fortune-telling spirit to come out of a slave girl. Late at night, an earthquake rocked the prison. The prisoners could have escaped, but they stayed where they were.

This was a huge relief to the jailer. Had the prisoners escaped, the jailer would have been punished. In fact, the jailer was ready to kill himself when Paul shouted, “We are all here!” The jailer asked Paul and Silas how to be saved. They told him, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.” The man believed and was baptized.

Lydia, the jailer, and many others were saved because they heard the gospel and believed in Jesus. Paul and Silas preached the same message to all people, no matter who they were: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”


  • Infant – 2s & 3s
    • Christians tell about Jesus.
    • God sent Paul on another trip.
    • Paul and Silas told Lydia about Jesus.
    • Paul told people about Jesus even in jail.
  • Pre-K4 – 1st
    • How do people hear about Jesus? God uses Christians to tell others about Jesus so they may repent and be saved.
    • Paul and Silas told the jailer, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”
  • 2nd – 5th
    • Jesus’ followers knew the good news that Jesus saved them from their sins. They dedicated their lives to sharing this news with others.
    • What can we do when people reject the good news?
    • God calls us to share the gospel even when people are not happy to hear the message. What is the truth about salvation in Jesus?


  • Acts 16:11-34


  • “Paul Preached in Europe” (Acts 17:1–18:21)
Jennifer Welch

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Jennifer Welch

Jennifer Welch is a City Youth coordinator. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in youth development and then worked on staff for Young Life in Jasper, Georgia. Jennifer most recently served as the children's coordinator at City Church for three years as she pursed her degree in counseling. Jennifer is now working as a licensed professional counselor intern.