April 10, 2018

Sunday, April 15th: Children of God


Dear Parents,

Rome was one of the most important cities in Paul’s day. Paul understood that it was essential that the church in the capital of the Roman Empire be anchored in the gospel. Unlike many of the other churches we read about in the New Testament, Paul didn’t help plant the church in Rome; in fact, he hadn’t even visited yet. Paul was planning his first visit to this important church when he wrote a letter to make sure the believers there properly understood the gospel.

The Book of Romans contains one of the clearest explanations of the gospel in the Bible. Paul opens his letter by explaining the sin problem that plagues us all. He then moves on to share how Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection was sufficient to save people who trust in Jesus. 

In Romans 5, people are described as helpless, ungodly, sinners, and enemies apart from Christ. Then, in chapter 8, Paul begins to show how having a relationship with Jesus changes us. He describes believers as children of God in Christ. That’s quite a change!

The gospel doesn’t just spare us from the ultimate consequences of our sin. The gospel doesn’t just make us neutral to God. Because of the gospel, we are adopted by God and have the right and privilege to call God our loving Father.

God is changing believers to be more like Jesus. We are God’s children—freed from sin, given power to do what is right, and adopted into God’s family. Because Jesus died on the cross, God the Father welcomes us and promises a future with Him forever.


Explain to your kids that God is our perfect Father, a Father who is always there for us and who loves us unconditionally because of His Son, Jesus. Being children of God means we have nothing to fear. Our relationship with God is secure for eternity.

  • Infant – 2s & 3s
    • God helps us love Him.
    • Paul wrote a letter to the church in Rome.
    • God gives the Holy Spirit to people who love Jesus.
    • Nothing can ever make God stop loving us.
  • Pre-K4 – 1st
    • Who changes us? The Holy Spirit changes us to be like Jesus for God’s glory.
    • When we trust in Jesus, God gives us the Holy Spirit and makes us His children.
  • 2nd – 5th
    • Do we have anything to fear in this life? What is our greatest comfort?
    • How does being adopted into God’s family change our futures?
    • Because Jesus died on the cross, God the Father welcomes us when we trust in Jesus and promises a future with Him forever. The Bible says that nothing can separate us from God’s love. God has wonderful blessings for us, and one day we will be with Him forever.


  • Romans 8:12-39


  • “A Transformed Mind” (Romans 12:1-18; 1 Corinthians 1:9; Philippians 1:3-7)
Jennifer Welch

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Jennifer Welch

Jennifer Welch is a City Youth coordinator. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in youth development and then worked on staff for Young Life in Jasper, Georgia. Jennifer most recently served as the children's coordinator at City Church for three years as she pursed her degree in counseling. Jennifer is now working as a licensed professional counselor intern. 

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