Spotlight on The FORGE for Families
February 20, 2019

Spotlight on The FORGE for Families

Last Summer we kicked off a new program called Jump Start. A simple way to describe it is a high school internship focused on job readiness, character building, practical life skills and spiritual development. Every day the Jump Start kids started off their work day with a Bible study taught by our executive director. During one of the first Bible Studies a young man said, “I’ve never heard this before.” This young man had never heard the Gospel before, and he was hungry to learn more about Jesus. On Thanksgiving Day, he lost his life in a fatal car accident, but as we walk with his family in mourning, we do so with hope that one day we will be reunited with him. This story represents the heart of what the FORGE is – a holistic ministry that helps families break the cycle of poverty as a testimony of the redemptive power of the Gospel. We’d like to invite City Church to partner with us in two ways in 2019.

We launched a new ministry called The Set in October. It is a community youth group for high school students who may or may not have a church home. Between its start in October and now, it has grown from 5 students to almost 50. Our hope is that the mentor team will grow with the number of students. A member at City Church, Lance Orton, has been regularly joining us at The Set. You can reach out to him should you wish to join him at

The second way is through our Bridge-Builders program. Bridge-Builders is a service-learning experience focused on poverty, race, reconciliation and culture, and how the church should respond to these issues. We have incredible speakers like Dr. Elliott Green and Dr. Matthew Kaemingck (dean of Fuller Seminary Texas) who will be broaching these topics, and we’d like to invite members of City Church to attend one of the workshops in March. For more information on Bridge-Builders you can me, Blake Thomas at

The FORGE for Families has several upcoming fund raising marathons. To donate or join click here.