Small Groups
September 09, 2020

Small Groups



Small groups are a great way to get to know others while also exploring faith and life. City Church offers two types of small groups: City Groups and Focus Groups. You are more than welcome to be in both as there are some differences between the two. 

Focus Groups: Men’s and women’s groups that start open to anyone, but once they reach full capacity, they do not add people throughout the ministry year. Focus Groups typically have less than ten people. This fall, we have groups meeting virtually and in person. You have to SIGN UP to be in a Focus Group. (click here to sign up

City Groups: Co-ed groups that remain open to anyone throughout the ministry year and typically include more than ten people. This fall, most City Groups are meeting virtually with occasional in-person gatherings. You can just "SHOW UP" to any of our City Groups, but we would love to know you are coming. (click here to fill out an interest form)

The goal is for everyone at City Church to be involved in a small group whether that’s a City Group, a Focus Group, or both. We believe that these groups will be a means of God’s grace to love him, love each other, and love the city. 

For more information on Focus Groups, please contact Clint Wilson

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