Roll Up Your Sleeves
February 24, 2016

Roll Up Your Sleeves

For years I’ve been looking for a church community that I could call home. City Church is the first community I’ve been a part of in a long time that I feel connected to. I feel like I belong here. That’s partly because of how I’ve been welcomed and loved, but it’s also due in part to how I’ve invested myself here. 

At every church I’ve been involved with in the past, I’ve always lent my time and labor. Obviously, there are a lot of challenges to being where we are – Sunday morning renters with storage space on the ground floor and activities two floors up.

Part of being the church is rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. It’s an important part of any community, but especially the church, to be givers as well as receivers. Consumerism will give us neither the relational connections nor the opportunities for growth that committed engagement does. For me, part of that looks like showing up first and leaving last on Sundays.

We’d love to swell the numbers of the Sunday Ops Team – we meet at House of Blues at 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings – but we aren’t the only ones who need help. There are lots of places to plug in and be part of making Sunday morning happen at City Church. Contact Elise Mueller if you don’t believe me. 

Author: Stephen Kraig, Sunday Ops Team leader

Stephen Kraig serves on the Sunday Ops Team at City Church. Team members serve once per month. To learn more about this team or to get involved, email Elise Mueller at