Partner with Houston Responds
August 27, 2020

Partner with Houston Responds

As Houstonians, we know the feeling of loss and devastation that comes with a storm of Hurricane Laura's magnitude. We also know the transformational power of community as people come together to lift each other up after a natural disaster. We grieve with our neighbors along the Texas-Louisiana border who were impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Our deacons are working with Houston Responds. Houston Responds is a City Church ministry partner that empowers and mobilizes churches across Greater Houston to expedite long-term recovery, respond to community crises, and prepare for future disasters. The coalition has a Beaumont chapter that is ready to help wherever they can.

 What can you do to help?

  1. Give of your resources to help support those who have suffered from this storm. You can give to Houston Responds.
  2. Give your time. City Church, in partnership with the Houston Responds, will be putting together a team of volunteers to go to the affected areas and help with cleanup. If this is something you are interested in, please go to this google doc and fill out your information and availability. We will start a GroupMe to give updates on opportunities to serve. 

Please join us in praying for those impacted.