Focus Groups

Focus Groups

by Linc Ashby



In addition to City Groups, we are excited to offer another kind of small group this year at City Church called Focus Groups. Both kinds of small groups will be committed to loving God, loving each other, and loving the city. You are more than welcome to be in both as there are some differences between the two. 

First, whereas you’re always welcome to “show up” to any City Group throughout the ministry year, you have to “sign up” for a specific Focus Group at the beginning of the ministry year. Additional Focus Groups may also form throughout the ministry year, but our emphasis now is to sign up if you’d like to be in one. Second, Focus Groups will be intentionally smaller than City Groups; they will be capped at six to eight people. Finally, we will begin this ministry year with two kinds of Focus Groups, Men’s and Women’s.

You may also be curious about the curriculum that City Groups and Focus Groups will use this year. Most groups will use one of the two options below, but group leaders will also have the flexibility to use something else after discussion with me.

  • Sermon Discussion . . .  BEFORE THE SERMON—read through the passage of Scripture that the following Sunday’s sermon will be focused on and work through a summary lesson, consider key take-a-ways, and engage together over some discussion questions. Then come on Sunday morning and hear a sermon preached on the passage you studied and discussed together.
  • Gospel of Mark—read through the gospel of Mark by working through a summary lesson, considering key take-a-ways, and engaging together over some discussion questions on each passage studied. For those who wish to go a bit deeper, pick up a copy of King’s Cross by Timothy Keller, which will be used each week as secondary source material.

The goal is for everyone at City Church to be involved in a small group whether that’s a City Group, a Focus Group, or both. We believe that these groups will be a means of God’s grace to love him, love each other, and love the city. Focus Groups will begin the first week of September.