Considering Christ
January 06, 2021

Considering Christ

We are all thankful that 2020 is now, officially, hindsight. To put it mildly, it was a disorienting year. Our new world has new vocabulary like social distancing, pods, and super-spreader. But as we turn to see the language Jesus uses in the gospel of Luke, what we read causes a double take. Was it the Jesus of ancient Israel or someone on Instagram who said, “Who touched me,” and “They could not get to him because of the crowd.” 

We want to know how the narrative of Jesus intersects with our struggle, our joy, our hope. In the first four verses of the gospel of Luke, Luke explains that he has done a thorough analysis of all the events that played into the life of Jesus and presents them for careful consideration. In this orderly account of the person of Jesus, we can see two worlds at once—we can see Jesus afresh in our new world. The gospel of Luke is a well-stocked pantry that is up for our bottomless hunger for meaning.

This Sunday, City Church starts a six-week series called, Considering Christ. This is the first of two sermon series through the gospel of Luke. The first will take us up to Lent and explore the themes given in those first four verses: an orderly account of the timeless truth born of God’s creating, sustaining, healing work. The second sermon series will take us through Easter. 

The double take provided in Luke is a great time to dust off your questions about Jesus and bring them and a friend to Axelrad (or online) this Sunday. I hope to see you there.