City Youth and the Beatitudes
January 29, 2018

City Youth and the Beatitudes

This spring our City Youth are studying the Beatitudes during our Sunday night Bible study. We will be using Iain Duguid’s Heroes of Heroes: Seeing Christ in the Beatitudes as a guide. While we encourage students to get a copy of the book to read on their own, it is not necessary. We will provide a handout each week that summarizes the lesson for the following Sunday that can be used for preparation.

One of our main goals for City Youth is to be gospel centered in all that we do. Our focus in teaching is on the life of Christ and his saving work on the cross. The gospel of Christ is powerful and transformative on its own, and for those who believe, the gospel message leads to a gospel life – a different sort of lifestyle than any societal system or cultural norm invokes.

Jesus sets forth the Beatitudes as the eight key attitudes that should be held by the citizens of his kingdom, and in doing so, he begins to paint a detailed picture of what a gospel life should look like.

Through our time together, the students will see how Jesus’ life reflected the Beatitudes and will be challenged to apply the gospel to their own lives so they can follow him faithfully.