Church-Wide Lunch: A Conversation on Serving our City’s Homeless
June 07, 2019

Church-Wide Lunch: A Conversation on Serving our City’s Homeless

“We are all the same” is one of the core tenets of City Church. We believe everyone is made in the image of God and so all humans have inherent dignity and value. The question of how to communicate that dignity and value comes up when we interact with our neighbors at The House of Blues—the homeless.

This past Sunday, many from City Church gathered to hear from Dick Druary about caring for Houston’s homeless. He has been caring for them over the past twenty years through a ministry called Star of Hope, and he was gracious to meet with people from City Church over pasta at Andalucia Restaurant.

He first discussed some foundational points to keep in mind when caring for the homeless. He talked about how our high expectations will be brought low: we think every time we engage with someone in need, something great will happen. But he reminded us this is not always the case. Caring for some of our city’s most vulnerable is a work where we give ourselves to those who can give us nothing back; a work where we can expect to be taken advantage of, and we should expect to get it wrong in how we go about helping. After setting realistic expectations came the inspiring part: “Expect to meet Jesus along the way.”

One thoughtful City Youth asked, “What do I do when I have nothing to give them?” Druary believes in the power of the prayer of a child. City Church Community Formation Pastor, Linc Ashby, talked about the power of eye contact, of a conversation, of asking people their name and then saying it back to them. These types of things give dignity, the type of dignity we can pursue for all people.