Bridge Builders youth mission trip
June 20, 2017

Bridge Builders youth mission trip

Our youth participated in Bridge-Builders, an inner-city mission trip in Houston, June 14-17 here at the Forge. Bridge-Builders is a unique opportunity to be a part of a service-learning experience designed to provide churches an urban immersion experience in the Third Ward neighborhood.

Throughout scripture God’s heart for the poor, the widow, the fatherless and the oppressed is clear. Bridge-Builders gave City Youth the chance to serve Houston's inner-city while learning how to serve well in contexts that are different than our own. Each day included a serving component, experiential session and teaching. The kids served at the Forge, with Brighter Bites and Work-Faith Connection, and they spent each night at the Forge.

"For me Bridge Builders was an inspiring and eye opening experience where we got to do so many cool things that I thought I would never do."
- Nabila Wilson, 7th grade 

"Bridge Builders offered an environment and a variety of activities for all of the youth group to serve the people of houston. I think that through this experience everyone in the youth grew closer together and found what it meant to serve Houston not only for material needs but emotional as well."
- Rachel Tompson, 9th grade

"Bridge Builders deepened my understanding on what it means to serve others. I developed relationships with many people that I would have never met if it wasn't for Bridge Builders."
- James Mueller, 11th grade  

See a few scenes below from the mission trip