Beauty will save the world
October 01, 2015

Beauty will save the world

In his book, Beauty Will Save the World, Brian Zahnd suggests, “Christianity that is deeply enchanted by Christ’s beauty…has the opportunity to present to a skeptical and jaded world an aspect of the gospel that has been too rare for too long.”

Sadly today, the church is often characterized by what it is against rather than what it is for. This Sunday I’ll be speaking about the life-giving beauty of Christianity that’s both compelling and attractive.

We were made for ultimate beauty – to be enchanted and transformed by it. King David understood this. As he faced the broken circumstances of his life, he turned to that ultimate beauty: “One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek…that I may gaze upon the beauty of the Lord” (Psalm 27:4).

He was drawn to the mysterious rescuing presence of the Lord that brought light into his darkness. The Bible begins similarly with the disruptive power of God that brought light into a dark and foreboding world (Genesis 1:1, 2). As the author of creation, God is not only the supreme object of beauty, but the original artist.

Art is a gift from him to help us make sense of the chaotic darkness of life as well as the animating power of beauty that can rescue us. And in tragically wondrous twist, beauty and brokenness converged in Jesus. Through his suffering for us, ultimate beauty became marred and disfigured so we might become invaluable expressions of his redemptive artistry.

I pray this kind of robust theological vision shapes the ethos of City Church. We want to be a safe place for anyone to explore the beauty of the Lord that alone satisfies.

Leo Schuster

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Leo Schuster

Leo Schuster is the Lead Pastor of City Church. As an ordained pastor for twenty-nine years, Leo’s ministry has reached from Texas to New York City. He started and led two college ministries in Dallas, founded and pastored Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Houston, and most recently served as the Lead Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s East Side Congregation in New York City where he was directly mentored by Tim Keller. Leo and his wife, Ellen, have three adult daughters: Anna, Margaret, and Mary Caroline.