Wimbledon, World Cup and New Churches
July 01, 2015

Watching Wimbledon, my favorite sports fortnight of the year, and the Women’s World Cup (go team USA) this week reminded me once again of the difference between individual and team sports. On the tennis court you are all alone. It’s up to you. YOU have to figure out how to overcome the obstacles before you.

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Snapshots from City Church @ Saint Arnold Brewing Co.
June 24, 2015

What a fun night it was! Take a #behindthescenes peek at City Church's event at Saint Arnolds Brewery. 

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It Goes in That Direction...
June 20, 2015

I rarely listen to an entire story on NPR, just bits and pieces while navigating Houston traffic. I heard an interview recently that peeked my interest so much I had to listen to the whole thing. Seymour Bernstein tells this story from when he was a little boy.

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Josh Moore Joins City Church as Worship Arts Director
June 17, 2015

We are delighted to announce that Josh Moore will be joining City Church as our Worship Arts Director.

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June 02, 2015

One of our favorite phrases at City Church is “come and see”. One of Jesus’ first followers said this to a skeptical friend on their way to meet him. On Thursday, June 18, we will tweak this a bit to “taste and see.” I love craft beer so I am excited to personally invite you to our first “taste and see” event at Saint Arnold Brewery—June 18 at 7:00pm. Live music, free beer, good food and I promise, NO BAIT AND SWITCH!   

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Loving the City to Life
May 20, 2015

Sometimes we’re led to unexpected places …. like the launch of the City Church blog!  Welcome, by the way.

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