My Friend, Marie
September 14, 2016

My friend, Marie, called me on my birthday this week. I haven’t seen her since I visited her in the hospital a while back. A couple of her grandchildren were in my youth group years ago and I officiated the marriage of another. She worked part-time at the church where I served in my first pastoral role. Most Sunday mornings, provided I arrived early, we would pray together before the service.


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why would God allow evil and suffering?
September 07, 2016

Belief is a difficult thing, especially for modern people. This is a basic assumption for us at City Church. We’re not just a community for the convinced but also for the curious and spiritually conflicted as well. We want to be a genuinely safe place for anyone to process their doubts. Starting this Sunday, we’ll explore some of the most common questions people have about the Christian faith in a new sermon series called Why? Questions About Christianity.


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Thoughts on Racial Unrest
July 19, 2016
As a white male in a position of authority with my life having been packed with privilege, I don’t come to this subject as the expert. I'm not the expert because I have no idea what it means to experience racism first hand, to be in fear because of the color of my skin. So I want to be in a position first of listening, learning and loving. But, as the leader of City Church, the fact that I have not experienced racism first hand won’t prevent me from speaking to this issue and leading. And I believe the Lord has called me to do just that. 


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How long, Lord?
July 14, 2016
A New York Times/CBS News poll published Wednesday revealed seventy percent of Americans say race relations are currently bad, and six in 10 believe they're growing worse, a significant increase from just a year ago. I am heartbroken over this and the events of last week in Baton Rouge, St. Paul and Dallas. As a pastor I'm wrestling with how best to respond and what it means for me to lead and love City Church well. I plan to share briefly on Sunday some of my thoughts.  


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The Church in the City
May 04, 2016

Plato said the most important part of a work is the beginning. It’s when something new is being shaped into what it will be. That’s what is happening right now in the early days of City Church.


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Tell the next generation
March 08, 2016

During this season of Lent, the lessons from Israel’s past have been on my mind. On Sunday mornings in City Kids, the children are learning about the Israelites in the wilderness. They’re learning about the grumbling and complaining, the disobedience and distrust and the forgetting and forsaking that happened. But more importantly, we are teaching the kids about the importance of remembering. The Israelites often forgot the Lord’s deliverance and how far he had brought them.


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To Be Fully Human
February 17, 2016

We pray because we’re human. While we all need moments of solitude, studies consistently show that isolation from others is detrimental to our health. If that’s true interpersonally, how much more so with the One who made us? Prayer opens up communication with God and gives us a lifeline to the world beyond the walls of this world.


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Job: Be Careful What You Ask For
February 10, 2016

At the bottom of a pit of suffering, the likes of which none of us will ever experience, Job longs for nothing more than to face God.

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In Defense of Error
January 20, 2016

Roughly 15 years ago, the computer was taking over the studio. Advances in technology suddenly gave consumer PCs the power to not only record sound waves but also edit them with surgical precision or even generate them from scratch. Digital recording, comprised of “binary code” (ones and zeros), could fool the human ear into accepting sounds that were heavily tampered with, or outright counterfeit, as being legitimate. These sounds could be as ‘perfect’ as one desired.


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