Beauty & Brokenness | Our approach to missions

Beauty & Brokenness | Our approach to missions

There are pockets of brokenness all over our world, but there are also people painting pictures of beauty in these broken places.

Our global mission partner, International Justice Mission, works to protect the poor from violence and partners with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors and strengthen justice systems in Mumbai, India.

At City Church we also desire to serve with others throughout our city who are already renewing Houston with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To that end, we have established relationships with the following mission partners because we believe they are painting beautiful pictures of grace in deep pockets of brokenness.

Low-income communities are often filled with disintegrated families who suffer more acutely from a poverty of being than a lack of material resources. The Forge for Families and Agape Development are transforming their neighborhoods by preparing Christ-following, independent, community leaders and entire families to fulfill their God-given potential. Small Steps provides an exemplary early childhood program to instill and foster social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of economically at-risk children and their families.

Houston is a major hub for human trafficking. The Landing provides a place where victims can be cared for, nurtured and encouraged. Located on a nationally known hot spot for sex trafficking and prostitution in Houston, they assist survivors by meeting basic needs and sharing resources.

Work is a wonderful gift, which is why the lack of steady employment is so painful. The Work Faith Connection not only seeks to equip their clients with opportunities for future employment, but also encourage us all to see our story as part of God’s larger story.

The mission of Restoring Justice is to provide excellent legal, social and spiritual services to people accused of crimes who cannot afford to hire attorneys themselves, following Jesus in his call to “proclaim good news to the poor . . . freedom for prisoners . . . and the oppressed. In the Harris County Jail system alone, there are approximately 70,000 poor and indigent men and women.

Finally, we partner with Reformed University Fellowship, a national campus ministry, at Rice University, the University of Houston and the University of Texas. Their mission is to serve college students in this unique stage of life, exploring with them how the gospel informs every area of life.

While we partner with IJM abroad and local mission partners throughout Houston, we also help the City Church community in practical ways through our diaconate. From job loss to unexpected illness, or even natural disasters, the diaconate walks alongside those in need to meet spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. You can email them at

As we engage in gospel mission with our partners, we can’t help but become more aware of the brokenness within us. May we always posses a keen awareness of our own desperate brokenness apart from the beauty of God’s grace in our lives.

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