Advent Through Mary’s Eyes

Advent Through Mary’s Eyes

by Leo Schuster, Lead Pastor at City Church

How striking that the New Testament, Luke’s Gospel in particular, begins by telling much of the story of Christmas, and Christianity for that matter, as seen through the eyes of a brave adolescent woman’s traumatic experience. This moving narrative showcases Mary’s humble faith and heroic fortitude in the face of unimaginably difficult circumstances. Not only is she one of history’s most famous individuals, she is one of the most inspiring ones as well, showing us how to deal with whatever challenges we face in life with dauntless grit and daring grace. How did she do it?  As imagined by the fourth century Christian leader, Ephrem the Syrian, no doubt she grasped from early on that, “The babe I carry carries me.” 

Join us each Sunday of Advent–the four Sundays leading up to Christmas that anticipate the joy of Jesus’ birth–as we reflect upon this heartwarming story for the ages. Also, it’s my experience that people who aren’t used to going to church, who may or may not identify as Christian, are more open to visiting a church and exploring the ancient meaning of the season. Please reach out and invite people you know to join us each Sunday of Advent at 10:30 a.m. and for our special Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols service at 5 p.m. on December 24.


Leo Schuster
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