Serve at City Church

Serve at City Church

We are looking for volunteers for our 2023-2024 ministry year! Sign up to serve a once-monthly commitment starting in August. 


Ways To Serve

There are many ways to serve at City Church Houston. Click “Join Team” if you would like to join a Sunday Morning Ministry Team, which is only a once-monthly commitment.

City Kids Team

City Kids volunteers are vital in raising up the next generation. This team provides a safe and nurturing environment for our children. 

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team creates a safe and friendly space for people to worship together, from the street entrances to the worship door. They offer warm smiles and conversations, making visitors and members feel seen and welcome.

Usher Team

The Usher Team greets and seats people inside the worship space, helping first-time visitors and attending to special seating needs. Ushers also direct worshipers through the Communion flow during the service.

Communion Prep Team

The Communion Prep Team has the all-important task of preparing the elements of bread and wine for Communion. This behind-the-scenes role makes the church’s ministry possible.

Ops Team

Sundays would not happen without our Ops Team literally transforming our space into a place of welcome and worship. 

Why serve at City Church?