Serve at City Church


Ways To Serve

There are many ways to serve at City Church Houston. Below are a few of our most popular. Fill out the form below if you would like to join a Sunday Morning Ministry Team.

City Kids Team

City Kids volunteers are vital in raising up the next generation. This team provides a safe and nurturing environment for our kiddos. 

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team invites people in and makes a welcoming space for people to worship Jesus together. These courageous conversationalists and warm smile givers are the generous directors of seating, traffic flow, offering, and communion.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team faithfully shows up to pray for the needs of our church and our city. Their job on Sunday mornings is such a vital one, and the Prayer Team also prays for the physical and spiritual needs of the congregation throughout the week.

Communion Prep Team

The Communion Prep Team makes sure our church is logistically prepared to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. People could not receive communion without this team coming early to set up and staying after to clean up. 

Ops Team

Sundays would not happen without our Ops Team literally transforming our space into a place of welcome and worship. 

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