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October 10, 2021
Matthew 5:27-30
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus invites us to experience the transformation of his love through our senses, encountering the sound of the Law, the vision of the gospel, and the feeling of grace as it frees us from broken places in our life.
October 3, 2021
Matthew 5:21-26
Though anger has tremendous potential to destroy relationships, peacemaking has tremendous potential to save them.
September 26, 2021
Matthew 5:17-20
Finding our way in life is like finding our way through the Bible: both can feel overwhelming. Jesus shows us how to navigate both and and discover enduring freedom.
September 19, 2021
Matthew 5:13-16
Jesus casts a captivating and refreshing vision of who his followers are and who they’re called to be in the world.
September 12, 2021
Matthew 5:1-12
Regarded by many as the greatest words ever spoken, the Sermon on the Mount showcases Jesus’ countercultural vision for a new way of being human.
September 5, 2021
Jeremiah 33:1-16
When life goes from bad to worse, put your hope in God’s promise.
August 29, 2021
Genesis 1:1-3, 26-28
In this overture to the Bible, God’s re-creative word transforms darkness into the light of an ordered, peace, and magnificently beautiful world. This becomes a paradigm for the renewal of all things.